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Danbury was not an original colonial grant, but was formed from part of the town of Alexandria to the north. In 1794, a group of Alexandria residents petitioned the state legislature to separate Alexandria into two towns due to the inconvenience of having a mountain divide the town, making it difficult for all the residents to gather in a single place. The petition was granted in 1795, and the lower piece was incorporated as Danbury in that year. The name was suggested by a settler from Danbury, Connecticut. Later more land was added to Danbury from Hill and Wilmot.

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In 1800 there were 165 people in Danbury, which on July 10, 1874 was transferred from Grafton County to Merrimack County. Today there are close to 1300 people in Danbury.


Town of Danbury

2016 Property Tax Update

This year the assessors from the firm of Commerford Nieder Perkins, LLC will begin an Update of Values of the properties for the Town of Danbury.   They will adhere to the following guidelines during the Update process.

Sale Property Review.  Over the next few weeks any property in the Town of Danbury that has sold over the past two years will be visited by the assessor.

If a property owner is home, the assessor will ask the homeowner to allow them to perform an interior inspection of the buildings. The assessors will be wearing identification badges. They will be looking for information such as the following:  quality of construction, year built, functional utility, condition, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, type of floors, type of interior walls, and type of heat.

Homeowner’s input is welcome. The assessor will ask to verify the information regarding the sale of the property, such as, sale date, sale price and any special circumstances of the sale.  If the homeowner has information about the property that may not be apparent to the assessor, such as seasonally wet basements, cracks in foundations, and leaking roofs, they are encouraged to bring that type of information to the assessor's attention. After the interior inspection is complete, the assessor will measure all buildings on the property.

In most cases, the total time for the interior inspection should not exceed 10 minutes. No property will be entered unless there is someone at least 18 years of age at home at the time of the visit. It is very important that the assessors be allowed inside to help ensure an accurate assessment.  If the homeowner is not home, the assessor will leave a notice stating that they visited the property and measured the buildings.

Completing the Process.  When all inspections are complete, the assessors will set values based on these recent sales of properties in town.  After values have been set, the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration will set the tax rate.  Taxpayers will be notified of their new values by the their tax bills. These subsequent tax bills will be based on these new values and a new tax rate.  If taxpayers disagree with their new value, they may appeal, by an abatement request, to the selectmen, on or before March 1st of the following year. 

If you have any questions during the Update process please feel free to contact Commerford Nieder Perkins at 603-410-6444 and they will be happy to answer your questions.

The next meeting of the Board of Selectmen will be on

AUGUST 10, 2016 @ 6PM


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